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Clip Scripting

Scripting Clip

Clip Scripting refers to the use of a scripting language within an illustration or design program, accessed via a command line interface (CLI), to perform repetitive tasks, apply uniform styles, or even generate assets as a batch. These scripts are composed of a series of commands and can be simple, affecting single operations, or complex, […]

Creating Accessible Charts with Clip

Clip Accessible Chart

Accessibility in chart design it’s about creating an environment where all users have equal access to information. Visual impairments, color vision deficiencies, and cognitive disabilities can all impact how a person interacts with a chart. When we fail to take these into account, we sideline those individuals from the discourse that data can ignite.   […]

Clip vs. GUI

Clip GUI

A GUI is a user interface that includes graphical elements such as windows, icons, and buttons, allowing users to interact with electronic devices through simple, intuitive actions. Its useful visual cues, make it accessible to users of all levels. A CLI like ‘clip’ is a text-based interface where commands are typed on a keyboard. It […]

An In-depth Q&A about CLIP Features

CLIP Features

What is CLIP? CLIP is an invaluable tool in the toolbox of anyone who desires to integrate visual elements into their workflow without leaving the sphere of their terminal workspace. It transforms simple, written commands made up of understandable, user-friendly language into complex, visually-oriented outputs. These outputs can range from insightful data representations like charts, […]

Streamlining DevOps with Command-Line Illustration Processing

Streamlining DevOps with Command-Line Illustration Processing

In the realm of automation, illustration work has often been left in the hands of designers and developers, with many relying on manually intensive tools and applications to edit and process visual assets. This approach stands in opposition to the principles of a robust DevOps strategy which thrives on automating repetitive and predictable tasks to […]

Unlocking the Power of SVG with Command-Line Mastery

Unlocking the Power of SVG with Command-Line Mastery

Every SVG is a structured XML document that describes the geometry and styling of vector-based graphics. While this description may initially appear perplexing, especially to those accustomed to the intuitive point-and-click environment of graphical interfaces, the simplicity and elegance of SVG code become clear with exposure and practice. Transitioning to command-line tools for creating SVGs […]

Why Freelance Designers Should Consider Using Clip 

Freelance Designer Clip

Designed for the tech-savvy designer, Clip is an illustration processor that runs from the command line. Born out of the need to automate repetitive design tasks, it equips designers with the power to generate high-quality visuals and illustrations with ease and agility, backed by the simplicity and versatility of command-line computing.   Efficiency and Productivity […]

Crafting Infographics with Clip

Generating Real-Time Metrics Dashboards with Clip

In a world brimming with data, the ability to convey complex information quickly and effectively is not just an advantage — it’s a necessity. Infographics bridge the gap between data complexity and audience understanding, providing a visual medium that’s both attractive and informative. With the rise of Clip, a command-line illustration processor, crafting these intricate […]

Generating Real-Time Metrics Dashboards with Clip

Generating Real-Time Metrics Dashboards with Clip

Real-time dashboards serve as centralized platforms that display current information through data visualizations such as graphs, charts, maps, and gauges. They are dynamically updated as new data streams in, providing an up-the-minute snapshot of performance or status. This immediacy of information is critical — it translates into the ability to make timely, informed decisions based […]

Choosing the Right Clip

Choosing the Right Clip

Command-Line Illustration Processor is a powerful and versatile tool that allows illustrators to create and manipulate illustrations using the terminal interface. Clip offers a comprehensive set of commands and options to perform various operations on illustrations, such as drawing shapes, adding text, applying filters, transforming images, and exporting formats. Clip also supports scripting and batch […]