clip (the command line illustration processor) is an open-source command line program and software library for creating charts and other data-driven illustrations.

In essence, clip consists of a library of composable graphical 'elements'. This element library includes high-level building blocks for creating common chart types as well as lower-level drawing primitives such as markers, arrows and lines. Users create custom illustrations by combining and styling these elements.

When called from the command line, clip reads input data in text and CSV format and produces the output chart as a SVG or PNG file. Additionaly, clip is available as the libclip software library which can be embedded into any application that supports a C FFI.

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BETA: Please note that clip is pre-1.0 software under active development; It has reached a "minumum viable product" level of quality, but users should expect things to generally be a bit rough around the edges still. To see what already works, have a look at the Examples page.

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