Command Line

The primary method for translating input expressions to SVG or PNG output files is the clip command line program. A typical invocation looks like this:

$ clip --in my_chart.clp --out my_chart.svg

See below for a full list of supported command line options. Besides the command line interface, clip also offers a C API that can be used to render charts directly from your application.

List of command line flags

Below you can find a list of all currently supported command line arguments.

Usage: $ clip [OPTIONS]
  --in <path>               Path to the input file
  --out <path>              Path to the output file
  --stdin                   Read the input file from stdin
  --stdout                  Write the output file from sdout
  --format <format>         Output format. If no format is given, it is inferred from the
                            filename. Valid values: 'png', 'svg'
  --font-defaults <bool>    Enable or disable default font loading. Default is enabled.
                            Valid values: 'on' and 'off'
  --font-load <path>        Add a font file to the default font list
  --debug                   Run in debug mode
  --help                    Display this help text and exit
  --version                 Display the version of this binary and exit

  $ clip --in my_chart.clp --out my_chart.svg
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