Typographic Units

A number of options take a typographic unit as an argument. These options are marked with the type <measure>.

The following typographic units are currently accepted:


;; 10 pixels

;; 40mm

;; 16 points

;; 2 "em"

;; 50% of the parent

"Responsive" Charts

Users are encouraged to specify typographic measurements using the "em" or "pt" units. Doing so will allow you to scale the output resolution of the chart using the global dpi option.

Mapping input data to typographic units

Sometimes you may want to map input data to typographic units. Once instance where this is useful is when creating a scatterplot where the point size depends on some input datum. Mapping from input data to typographic units is accomplished using the <measure-map> construct. The following mappings are currently supported:

;; map a value in the range [0..1] linearly to min..max
(linear <min> <max>)


;; map 0..1 to 12pt..20pt
(linear 12pt 20pt)
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