Document Setup

The set directive allows you to configure a number of global default options. The general syntax for setting global options is:

(set <option> <value>)

Below is a list of all currently supported global options, please see the remainder of this page for detailed documentation on what these do.

Global Options: width height dpi font font-defaults font-size background-color foreground-color margin-top margin-right margin-bottom margin-left color-palette text-language text-script

Width & Height

To configure the output dimensions, use the global width and height options:

(set width <measure>)
(set height <measure>)

For example:

(set width 1920px)
(set height 1200px)

Scaling (DPI)

The dpi setting controls the mapping of typographic units to screen (pixel) coordinates. The default dpi value is 96 for consistency with CSS.

(set dpi <value>)

For example:

(set dpi 240)

Font & Font Size

The font and font-size settings control the default font and font size. The font-defaults setting can be used to disable default font loading. For more information on these options please see the Fonts page.

(set font <font-name>)
(set font-defaults <on|off>)
(set font-size <measure>)

For example:

(set font "Comic Sans MS")
(set font-size 16pt)

Foreground & Background Colors

The foreground-color and background-color settings control the document background color and the default color used to draw lines and labels.

(set background-color <color>)
(set foreground-color <color>)

For example:

;; welcome to the matrix
(set background-color #000)
(set foreground-color #0f0)


The margin options can be used to add a global margin to the document.

(set margin-top <measure>)
(set margin-right <measure>)
(set margin-bottom <measure>)
(set margin-left <measure>)

For example:

;; 2em margin
(set margin-top 2em)
(set margin-right 2em)
(set margin-bottom 2em)
(set margin-left 2em)

Color Palette

The color-palette option is used to set the default color palette. For more information, please see the Colors page.

(set color-palette (<color>...))
(set color-palette <color-palette-name>)

For example:

;; set a custom color palette
(set color-palette (#06c #c06 #60c))

;; use the default 'fnord' color palette
(set color-palette fnord)

Text Script & Language

The text-script and text-language are used to set the default text language and script to be used in text rendering. Setting these options should usually not required.

(set text-language <value>)
(set text-script <value>)

For example:

;; set the default script to arabic
(set text-script "Arabic")
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