Scale Types

The <scale-type> options can be used to control the projection of data and to define categorical scales. To control where ticks and labels are placed on a scale, please see the Scale Type page. To control the formatting of scale labels, please see the Formatters page.

List of <scale-type> values


A simple linear scale from min to max.


Example: charts-reference/scale_linear: scale_linear.svg


A logarithmic scale. Default base is 10.

(log <base>)
(logarithmic <base>)

Example: charts-reference/scale_logarithmic: scale_logarithmic.svg


A categorical scale. The <data-ref> argument is mandatory and should contain the list of valid categories.

(categorical <data-ref>)

Example: charts-reference/scale_categorical: scale_categorical.svg


A modifier that inverts the scale. Can be used in conjunction with other scale types.


Example: charts-reference/scale_inverted: scale_inverted.svg

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